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Get to know our portfolio a little better with some fun facts.

Spier: Spier’s environmental and social initiatives are many and varied, and include ways to reduce water usage. 100% of their wastewater and over 80% of their solid waste is recycled.

Farnese: The soil is a bright brick red, it is rich in iron, well-draining and originates from the underlying crumbling limestone; the temperature range between night and day and the sea breezes facilitate the development of aromas in the grapes.

Saint Verny Vignobles: “A good wine is first and foremost a great grape that remains a great grape.” says oenologue Olivier MIGNARD.

Marchesi Antinori: “Mortella” gets its name from the wilde myrtle, the typical scrub that grows near the coast of the Tyrrhenian sea and which became the symbol of the winery.

Tormaresca: Cultivation of wines started thousands of years ago, at the time of "Magna Grecia", to which the Greek origins of many names of Apulian grape varieties attests.

Carmen: Founded in 1850, Carmen was Chile's first wine producer; landmarks in its history include the rediscovery of the Carmenère grape variety in its vineyards, an event in the study of wine that marked a turning point in the national and international wine industry and made Carmen the force behind Carmenére in Chile.

Bodegas San Alejandro: It receives its name in honor to San Alejandro, whose remains lay in the Franciscan Convent of the S.XVII of Mudejar style placed in Miedes.

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